So what’s better than receiving a book in the post? Receiving twelve books in the post.

We will hand pick one book every month for a year and post straight to the door of the lucky recipient. Be it for yourself or as an immensely thoughtful present, we will make sure we have enough information about the person’s tastes to ensure that we can always recommend a book that, we believe, they will love.

Each book will be individually wrapped and the first thing you will receive is your very own beautiful canvas Book Hive bag, perfect for carrying around your year’s worth of books!  We have several different options for you to choose from as well as the ability for you to fully tailor your list by simply coming in and chatting to us. If none of the packages suit you or the person you are buying for, (for example, someone who may want a cook book or nature book collection, or a very specific genre of fiction) let us know and we will design a customised package for you.



NON-FICTION – £160 pb/£300 hb

This subscription is for anyone with a real world taste! Anything from war to popular science, language to memoir, all paperbacks that you can put under the non-fiction umbrella! A slice of reality to your door every month…

FICTION – £140 pb/£300 hb

Twelve paperback fiction titles covering your every need. Be it a great American novel, a dystopian nightmare or simply a ‘ripping yarn’, we will tailor every book to your needs. All the excitement of a novel with the practicality of a paperback.


The people of Norwich, the County Town of Norfolk, spend a lot of time talking about just what a literary county this is - so it seemed appropriate that we should reflect this in our Book Hive Year choices. This list offers the best titles which are in some way related to Norfolk. That might mean they are set here, or a character hails from these parts, or the author lives here or has a Norfolk connection. But it won't just be a fiction list; to truly celebrate all of our literary roots, we will be including the many non-fiction links to Norfolk in print. An excellent gift for someone who might be missing their home county, or for anyone here who can't get enough of it - all without compromising the interesting and high standard of writing we look for in our other BHY lists.


When people think of ‘The Classics’ the usual names conjured up are Dickens, Austen, the Brontes and the like. Not so here. In this collection we offer an alternative Classics list – perhaps more modern, perhaps not. Perhaps by well known authors, or maybe one hit wonders whose stunning book stands alone – or will come to be seen – as a Classic. (In our opinion, that is…) A great choice for someone who may not be hugely widely read and wants to start reading but doesn’t know where to start. Essentially, our top flight, personal recommendations of the best we have.



Feel like you don’t read enough books written by women? Do your bookshelves seem overly filled with testosterone? Look no further than our women writers, a more specific take on our fiction list, choosing only female authors. Can be upgraded to a non fiction package or a mixture between the two.

As keen supporters of small, independent publishers and firm believers that they often publish the best new fiction, we look to stock and support as many as possible. This selection of 12 will represent some of the best from the best.


Exactly the same as our fiction package but with the caveat that all works are translated from the author’s native tongue in to English. Fiction in translation is a much loved but often overlooked category of writing that we want to help publicise!




A subscription for the teen or advanced younger reader, posting out 12 paperbacks of the best in adolescent fiction. Anything from fantasy to coming of age, spy thriller to crime.




New, exciting top quality chapter books and story books for new and advanced readers of children’s fiction, dependent on age and taste, featuring a range of authors from the well established to the brand new.


Books for little ones have come a long way since they were printed on cloth! Fun, stylish, clever and engaging, we will send the best from one of the shop’s most popular sections.