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53 London Street
United Kingdom


Situated in the heart of Norwich in the Lanes area of the city, The Book Hive is a beautiful three storey building housing a unique collection of books in a quirky and stylish setting. As the city’s only truly independent new bookshop, it stocks a personally chosen and intriguing selection of titles, often hard to find elsewhere, in five main categories; Fiction, Poetry, Art & Design, Children’s Books and Cookery.


An Apology!

Henry Latte

For those who have been given this information which was on the mail out yesterday in relation to David Taylor's new book...

In yesterday's email about January events I said this:

"Back in the days when I still worked at Galley Beggar Press we were hosting a launch for one of our titles in the bookshop and as David Taylor and I were chatting we came up with the idea that we should publish a collection of his short stories. "

Please note, this is not the case and I apologise to Sam Jordison of Galley Beggar Press whose idea it actually was to publish David's collection of short stories. The conversation that I remembered clearly happened after Sam had already persuaded me that the idea was a good one, via email.
I should also make clear that this is not an isolated incident. I'm a bugger for stealing the thunder, me! Apologies to all at Galley Beggar Press for any upset I have caused in the past by claiming responsibility for success not due to me.