For those of you who have followed recent events at the shop, you will know three things:
1 – An event we had booked with the novelist Susan Hill was cancelled by her for 'personal reasons' which she would not disclose
2 – A local book group asked if they might use the shop as a base to give out a number of copies of various titles which they thought make essential reading in the light of recent actions by the Trump administration, which they would pay for. We happily agreed, and said we would waive the full retail costs of those books as we admired their generosity and did not want to make money from it
3 – We have been short listed in the Bookseller best bookshop awards, reflecting our popularity as a small bookshop, which in turn reflects the broad range of people we cater for.

With those things in mind, this extraordinary article by Susan Hill in The Spectator has left us astounded. She has never been to the shop, has fabricated almost everything she has said about our stock, has claimed we have imposed a 'ban' on books we don't approve of with no evidence to support this at all and says our 'bias' interferes with customers' rights to browse and choose. It is a deeply flawed and inaccurate portrayal of the shop – to say nothing of unpleasant - and the way we operate. Not only that, she she chose to cancel the event without reason and then publish her reasons in the press - a cancellation which has cost us a not insignificant amount of money in returned ticket prices and wasted advertising. She has not named the bookshop in her article, but the questions are flowing in to us now – we had told the many thousands on our social media platforms that the event was cancelled, so the question 'is this you?' is an obvious one.

This subject is now open for debate.

Henry Latte2 Comments