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53 London Street
United Kingdom


Situated in the heart of Norwich in the Lanes area of the city, The Book Hive is a beautiful three storey building housing a unique collection of books in a quirky and stylish setting. As the city’s only truly independent new bookshop, it stocks a personally chosen and intriguing selection of titles, often hard to find elsewhere, in five main categories; Fiction, Poetry, Art & Design, Children’s Books and Cookery.


Over the Hill...

Henry Latte

After a quite extraordinary week at The Book Hive, I would like - in the spirit of yesterday's World Book Day - to thank the thousands of people who reacted to Susan Hill's absurd and unpleasant behaviour. We can draw a line under it now - she clearly has no intention of apologising for or retracting any of her remarks - but the reaction from the public is worth a mention: that I say thousands is no exaggeration. We were deluged online and in the shop with messages of support and well wishers. Writers, including, off the top of my head, Eimear McBride, Patrick Ness, Val McDermid, Meg Rossoff, Amanada Craig, Joanne Harris,Anthony McGowan, Max Porter, Sarah Perry, Chris Riddell, S.J. Watson as well as many, many more offered their support over the matter, and the overwhelming response from the press and other bookshops and booksellers should prove to us all that however hard it is sometimes, we still matter and we are still valued!! (A special mention for the Waterstones employee who sent us a £20 book token, either to give away to a customer or just put through our till - and for the 'Illiberal Bigot' badges which were made for us that we now wear with pride. Oh, poor Mr. Gove). And I must say that Norwich came out of the whole thing very well - what a great place to live and work. If you dont yet know us - come and visit! Onwards and upwards then - having got through this, hopefully the government wont now kill us stone dead with their splendid new Business Rates Review. Here's hoping... THANK YOU!