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The West Norfolk Question by William Barr - launch!

If you feel that 2016 has been a disappointment - politically or, indeed, in any other way - then let me recommend to you the antidote of William Barr's new novel The West Norfolk Question. It is likely that many of you wont have heard of William Barr. He is an unusual author for The Book Hive in that he is a local, self published writer and we generally don't stock titles from the many, many, many people who fall into that bracket. However over the years we have stocked William's books and here is an example of why: I have just finished The West Norfolk Question and in reading it I lost count of the amount of times I laughed aloud. I found myself putting the TV on for the kids so I could go upstairs and read more in peace. It is, I would guess, a self-proclaimed bit of silliness. But like all the best silliness and satire it is rooted in a keen understanding of the politics and people it mocks. It's absurdity provides a brilliant critique of the kind of people who crave 'Independence' and the sort of Nationalism which has seen the forces of loathing and prejudice unleashed across the world in recent months. It uses the splendid maxim that 'In Norfolk We Do Different' to fuel the kind of bigotry that we have come to know so well - as well as parody many of our recent political leaders, not to mention some of the Norfolk native's unique characteristics. 

If you believe that the best way to cope with the Brexiteering Trumpsters of the world is to keep laughing, then this is the book for you. I urge you to give it a go!

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