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The world famous Bookshop Band are coming to play!

The Bookshop Band are Ben Please and Beth Porter, who write songs inspired by books and play them in bookshops. Their performances are inextricably linked to the books themselves, as the band take it in turns to describe where the inspiration for each song came from.
“The Bookshop Band’s approach to song writing is entirely original, and the results are both surprising and beautiful. They are two talented musicians coming to the same point from different directions.” - Louis De Bernieres

It all began in late 2010 as a collaboration between three songwriters with their local independent bookshop - Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath, to inject some music into the shop’s author events. The band would read the book of the visiting author, write a song inspired by their response to that book and then play it back to the author and audience at the author events in the shop. After one year The Bookshop Band had written and recorded four albums of book-inspired material. As word spread they began to be asked to play in other bookshops too...
The next three years saw the band touring all over the UK, Ireland and Europe, playing both literary and music festivals along side bookshops, libraries and schools and appearing regularly on radio and television. With the rate of writing still high but the band in high demand to perform the start of 2015 revealed a backlog of 100 new songs still to be recorded. 
With change came the opportunity to take stock, and with huge support from fans and authors who wanted
to see these songs recorded, Ben and Beth have spent much of 2015 recording them all to the best of their
So in 2016 The Bookshop Band will be releasing a staggering 9 brand new albums, in addition to officially releasing their first 4 albums, which have until now only been available to buy at concerts. Over one album a month! This means that the 6th year of The Bookshop Band is building it’s own momentum with a rapidly growing schedule of concerts being booked all over the UK and beyond!

We are delighted that they have chosen The Book Hive to be one of their venues - check out their website for more info about their songs. There will ONLY BE 30 TICKETS for this event at £5 each! There will be no specific author involvement, but instead an intimate gig spanning lots of their songs. A must for anyone who loves books, bookshops and music! Please phone the book hive to put your name on the list for this special evening.