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53 London Street
United Kingdom


Situated in the heart of Norwich in the Lanes area of the city, The Book Hive is a beautiful three storey building housing a unique collection of books in a quirky and stylish setting. As the city’s only truly independent new bookshop, it stocks a personally chosen and intriguing selection of titles, often hard to find elsewhere, in five main categories; Fiction, Poetry, Art & Design, Children’s Books and Cookery.

Alison Weir

North Norfolk Events

Starting in February 2016 The Book Hive will be hosting a new series of literary events and talks in the market town of Aylsham, 11 miles north of the city. Taking place in the Town Hall in the centre of the Market Place these events will see a range of authors from different genres giving talks, reading from their work or in conversation discussing their latest titles. The initial programme runs from February to June. If successful we will expand this throughout the year and broaden the list to include children's authors, with a view to hosting a week long or long weekend festival of writers and books.


The price for all events is £12 which is redeemable against the purchase of books on the night, as well as including a free drink on arrival. There will be a liscenced bar to buy more drinks throughout the night.


A Season ticket for all five events is £45, including the free drinks and still with £12 off books at each event.


Tickets are available by calling, emailing or dropping into The Book Hive.


For spring 2016 the programme is:


Louis de Bernieres – February 25th

Alison Weir – March 23rd

Dan Cruickshank – April 11th

Simon Armitage – May 10th

Prof. David Crystal – June21st

Alison Weir

Alison Weir is the biggest-selling female historian (and the fifth best-selling historian) in the United Kingdom. She has published twenty-one books and sold more than 2.7 million - over a million in the UK and more than 1.7 million in the USA. 

She will be delivering a talk in Aylsham about local heroine Anne Boleyn:


The imprisonment and execution of Queen Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII`s second wife, in 1536 was unprecedented in the annals of English history.  It was sensational in its day, and has exerted endless fascination over the minds of historians, novelists, dramatists, poets, artists and film-makers ever since.  It is also the stuff of which myths and legends were made – indeed, a spin was being put on the tale within a fortnight of Anne`s death.  Anne was imprisoned in the Tower on 2nd May 1536, and tried and found guilty of high treason on 15th May.  Her supposed crimes included adultery with five men, one her own brother, and plotting the King`s death.  She was executed on 19th May.  Mystery surrounds the circumstances leading up to her arrest.  Alison Weir tells the story of one of the most tragic, cataclysmic and romantic episodes in history, and examines the circumstances of Anne's fall.  Hers is a thoroughly gripping story, and at its centre is one of the most charismatic, controversial, courageous and tragic heroines in history.

February 25
Louis de Bernieres
April 11
Dan Cruickshank