Kid’s Isolation Pack




The Book Explorer Packs have sold out! But due to popular demand, we now present…


This isn’t for you, adults! Except… you’ll have to pay….

Home schooling puts a lot of emphasis on books in the house being educational. But what about the ones they really want to read?

Simply tell us the age of your child (or children), get them to answer the following questions, and we’ll hand-pick a stack of books (6 titles) for them to get excited about.

The questions… (put their responses in the ‘notes/comments’ box at checkout when you order – along with their age):

  1. What is (or was) your favourite…
    a. toy?
    b. tv programme?
    c. video game?
    d. book?
  2. I HATE [blank] because [blank] and [blank] (No people!)
  3. I LOVE [blank] because [blank] and [blank] (Can be a person if you like)