‘New Leaves on an Old Tree: A Writer’s Portfolio’ by Kevin Crossley-Holland



“Kevin Crossley-Holland is a master, a magician and commander of the language, the roots of whose work are deeply entwined with ancient patterns of truth and knowledge. I salute and venerate him.”
— Philip Pullman

Propolis, the imprint of our the Book Hive, is proud to present the publication of a career-spanning  collection from the master of storytelling, Kevin Crossley-Holland.

Crossley-Holland’s name is synonymous with the great sagas and Arthurian legends. But he is also an eminent man of letters across multiple genres. Translator, poet, librettist, essayist, lecturer, novelist, memoirist… the list goes on.

For seven decades he has worked in the business of articulating the human need for stories ⁠— both as a writer and publisher. He is venerated across the world for his vast and wide ranging output of material, and his books continue to be bestsellers.

New Leaves on an Old Tree illustrates what this great body of work means to Crossley-Holland, why he came to specialise in the areas that he has, and how his oeuvre has influenced scores of writers and readers of all ages ⁠— to say nothing of artists across many other disciplines. From Old English mythmaking to exploring the way folk tales still permeate the narratives of our lives, here is a celebration of a lifetime’s work scrutinising the power and function of story.

“I’ve been a fan since the 80’s. Prose that’s poetry, sharp tales, stark characters, and his Norse retellings are better than mine.”
— Neil Gaiman