New York to California by Jeremy Page


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A journey across the East of England looking for the not quite visible.

Novelist, traveller, scriptwriter, photographer: Jeremy Page is a man with a broad view of wide horizons. But, on approaching middle age, he experienced a calling to return to the place which he – and his ancestors – had called home. Like the migratory eel, retracing a route back to somewhere it had once fought to leave, he decided to take a long, slow journey through a landscape both familiar but also separated by time and distance from his current life.

Starting in the tiny Lincolnshire fen village of New York, Page sets off with an eccentric companion and his dog, following a similar path to his forebears – through fenland, along coastlines, into cities and across broads. His destination: another village with an improbably stateside name – California – on the East Norfolk coast. Whilst never entirely clear what he is searching for, he hopes answers might emerge amongst the not quite visible parts of the landscape and its people.

With great humour and beautiful observation, he paints a poignant, joyous portrait of what it means to stop and contemplate who we are, where we come from and where we might be heading. Concrete answers are not what he finds, but glimmers of the nearly-hidden provide tantalising clues that both he and his readers will benefit from having experienced long after the journey ends.

Praise for Jeremy Page’s previous work:

“Stunningly good. Captures the landscapes with a truly deft, water-colourist’s touch. His ear for Norfolk cadence is acute.”
Rose Tremain

“Remarkably haunting, an atmosphere you can taste on the tongue.”
Time Out

“Page writes with feeling and intimacy. Whether he is describing wind, storm, mountain light or the rotten tang of estuarine mud, the charge of a stallion or the settling of a butterfly, his touch is poetic and sure.”
Helen Dunmore, The Guardian

“Page is a pensive, sensitive writer… seek it out; it won’t lead you astray.”
The Washington Post