The Actual Whole of Music by Haydn Middleton – buy one get one free!




With great pleasure we introduce the new book from our imprint Propolis, The Actual Whole of Music by Haydn Middleton.

Many of you will have read Haydn’s exquisite novel which we published in 2018, The Ballad of Syd & Morgan. We’ve recieved hundreds of messages about it, which is unusual because people only tend to get in touch if a book has significantly moved them.

It is common knowledge that during the pandemic book sales went through the roof. It’s interesting to note however, that whilst books across all genres have benefited from this, the whole scenario has also acted as a kind of trend-amplifier; of the many thousands of books published each year it is only ever a slither which gets any attention – and if they have any ‘celebrity’ value, so much the better. Those facts have never been more true.

But we believe there is another way! Places like The Book Hive – and Propolis – are designed to be centres of investigation. Of course we’ll sell you a Richard Osman, but at the same time encourage you to look at a room filled with the best, most exciting new books you have never heard of.

This spring, The Actual Whole of Music sits proudly at the top of that list.

This is a book to instigate conversation. To that end, from NOW until the 1st May when it is officially published, we are giving you the chance to receive an extra copy – free – with every copy you buy. This extra is to give to someone else, enabling that conversation to be sparked before the book is widely available. Added to that, both you and the person you give it to will be sent an email link in mid-May, an invitation to a Zoom event with Haydn, giving you the chance to ask him questions and widen The Conversation with other readers. Both copies will be signed first editions.

Click on this link to buy your book and receive two in the post. Or even better – come in to the shop and buy one!