The Actual Whole of Music by Haydn Middleton



A love letter to the entrancement of being alive – or an untrustworthy recollection of events?
A manual for existence – or an invitation to surrender before themysteries of life?

Young travellers emerge from the blackout, uncertain of their past, unknowing of their future. As they drift across a reconfiguring world, the darkness gives way to laughter. Then one of their number is charged with setting down what happens next.

In a narrative which speaks both to and for its audience, this is that account.

A novel of astonishing power and originality, The Actual Whole of Music is a reminder that we are relentlessly displaced by forces around us, before us and after us.

It is the essential novel for now. As it always will be.

Praise for The Actual Whole of Music:

“I wanted my immersion of The Actual Whole of Music never to end. The very nature of this seductive novel is memory, dream and drift, recorded with diamond precision. The author’s achievement is to speak out of the mouths of individuals while at the same time be speaking to an entire generation.”
Kevin Crossley-Holland

“I don’t think I’ve ever read another novel that tries – and succeeds – in finding a framework to make sense of that fundamental mystery of human experience; passing – in the present moment – through time. What a beautiful book.”
Tim Pears

The Actual Whole of Music is gorgeously written. Each word has it’s own place, no fat, no extra detail. The text is multilayered, with many complex concepts just waiting to be picked at. We all know the adage ‘food for thought’ – Haydn Middleton has presented us with a veritable smorgasbord.”
The Bobsphere