The Short Short Story
Book Hive Book Club

£20.00 / month

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Every month, we’ll send you two brand new collections of short stories – plus an invite to a fortnightly lunch-time Zoom meeting, in which we’ll discuss the books.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up, and at the start of every month, we’ll send you two hand-picked, recently published short story collections. These will be selected in trademark Book Hive style – you can expect the unexpected, including small press publications and translated literature…
  • Two weeks later, on a Tuesday at 1pm, we’ll host a short, sharp, 30 minute Zoom chat – in which we’ll discuss three pieces from the first collection. Then two weeks after that, we’ll do the same for the second collection.
  • Our quick club meetings will be chaired by Book Hive booksellers, with a tight format – you’ll be able to send over ideas, questions and discussion points ahead of the chat.

The short story art form is criminally under-appreciated in the UK. Join our back-lash against this and enjoy fantastic literature, plus thought-provoking discussion, in a way that fits around busy schedules (or inspires those feeling flattened by lockdown…)

***PLEASE NOTE: The club will start in Feb 2021, with books arriving with you on Monday 1st. The first Zoom meeting will then be on Tuesday 16th.***