Book Hive ‘Book Tab’

From: £5.00 / month



Regularly add some credit to a Book Hive shop account! Then go nuts and grab loads of books when you next come to the shop!

Keep topping up over the next few weeks to help us with cash flow during these strange times, and we’ll keep a record of your ‘book tab’.

When things settle down, you can spend all your credit in a post-lockdown, post-social-distancing book buying bonanza!

(This is not a physical product – we’ll simply keep a digital record of your ‘tab’ so you can spend it in person or over the phone etc).

Please note: this will set up a monthly direct debit of your chosen amount (between £5 and £50). If you’d rather create or top-up your tab with a one-off payment, simply give us a call on 01603 219268. Thank you!

Additional information

Monthly Tab Top-up Amount

£5, £10, £20, £30, £40, £50