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For regular customers and die-hard Hive fans: our exclusive membership package.

Join The Cockey Lane Spine-Crackers* for just £10 a month, and while your membership is active, you’ll get these great benefits:

  • 10% off paperbacks
  • 15% off hardbacks
  • A Book Hive canvas bag
  • A snazzy enamel membership pin
  • First refusal on limited stock (e.g. signed copies)
  • First refusal on seats at all Book Hive events
  • Signed first-edition of every new Propolis title
  • Exclusive access to our unique proof library (ask for details…)
  • Invitation to an annual members‘ party at the shop
  • Immortalisation as part of the very fabric of the building**
* Named thus as a nod to the history of London Street, the road on which The Book Hive sits. Originally, the road was called Hosyergate, meaning ‘street of the stocking makers’ – old Danish ‘gata’ meant ‘street’. But in the 17th century it became Cockey Lane: named after The Great Cockey, a small river, now lost, which ran through the area (‘cockey’ is a Norfolk colloquialism for stream). It was actually only in the 18th century, when the road was paved over, that the street was renamed London Street, after the fashion of importing London-related street names.
** If you’re a member for a year or more, your name will sponsor a shelf forever